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"The Aftermath"

In the midst of change

We grow unsettled

Despair over what we’ve lost

An acknowledgement of our deepest flaws.

We grow unsettled

As we fail in the battle of life

Forced to confront our deepest flaws

To lose what we never thought could be lost

When we fail in the battle

We are not failures but students of reality

To lose what we never thought could be lost

Is but a mere aspect of humanity

Not failures but students of reality

To know happiness we must first deal in despair

Just another mere lesson in humanity

So we cannot appreciate love until we’ve lost 


The brilliant bright burning of city lights cease

Surrender your thinking and think of release

When nothing besides introspection exists

Alone and away to tour memory’s twists

Before entertainment resembled unknown

Unusual freedom a danger was grown

Escape all affliction, indulge your decay

For better or worse you’ll be solely cliché

Exhausted with pretending, disappeared in deceit

Unbearable life is a life on repeat

Abandoned by love, a far yearning to feel

Enough of avoidance, I’m willing to heal.

Aware if the sunrise, a rebirth of life

The brilliant bright city continues its strife

But penance I paid, an atonement I gained

Mistakes we all make, but I’m done being chained. 

An 18 year old from California just learning, loving and living every day. Everything from poetry, photography, quotes and music. We all just want someone to connect with.